Every experience in your life starts with the first step.
Our job and passion as PADI Professionals is to help you to make this first steps as safe and easy as possible.

Diving is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in your life. For us at Amed White Sand Divers it is the thing in our life that brings us the most joy and satisfaction and that really never lets us stop hoping for the next dive to come.

Your first dive can change your life forever – you will never forget your first breaths underwater.

We are here for you to share our passion and knowledge so you can be part of this magical world below the surface. And we will guide and teach you the things that you need to know to fully enjoy this new experience.

You always wanted to know how it feels to submerge weightless underwater while you breath and are totally relaxed like a fish?

You want more? You cant forgett your first time underwater? You had so much fun and you want to reach the next level?

You are already a certified diver and want to improve your skills? You want to make new experiences and reach further levels?

To participate in a PADI Scuba Diving course you need to be able to swim and also need to be in an healthy condition. There are some medical conditions that may be needed to checked by a doctor before participating in a course, or that even will make it impossible for you to participate in a Scuba diving course. This can be things like diabetes, asthma, heart or lung diseases, burst eardrums or general problems with your ears or sinuses, some medications, etc.
For more information, or if you are not sure just contact us and we will give you advise if we can take you for scuba diving



Discover Scuba Diving

This half day / one day experience will be your first step into the diving world.
Our Instructor will first of all explain you the basics of diving – so the things you need to know and do in your first time underwater. It’s not much and takes mostly just 30 – 45 minutes for our instructor to explain you the basics.
After this we will find suitable equipment and will take you for your first steps into the shallow entry of our house reef in lipah bay. You will do your first breaths and some small exercises to get used with the equipment and then your adventure starts.
Explore with your instructor the underwater world off lipah bay and feel how it is the glide through the water. Our instructor will always be on your side and take care of your safety.
This can be followed by a second dive just for your fun and joy if you liked it.

If you are a little bit scared we can also start your experience with a practice lesson in one of our resort pools to make you feel more comfortable before we go into the ocean.
Also – if you are not yet sure if you want to take the full open water diver course you can start with an Discover Scuba Diving. If you like it and want to continue with the Open Water Diver Course we will include this Discover Scuba Diving experience into the costs of your Open Water Diver Course.
Minimum age for participation: 10 years



PADI Open Water Diver Course

This is what you are looking for!
This 3 – 4 day course will turn you into a certified diver. You will learn all the basic steps and procedure that will allow you to do safe dives together with another certified diver to a depth of maximum 18 meters. It’s a worldwide recognized certification and you will be able to dive anywhere in the world with the certification you earn in this course.

The course consist of 3 different knowledge development sectors:

1.)      Theory development

You will learn out of a book (that you will have also accessible through your mobile device like Tablet, cellphone or laptop), you will watch a video and your instructor will teach you in our “open air classroom” the important things about diving. You will also have to do some knowledge reviews, quizzes and a final exam – we want to be sure that you really understood your course. But don’t be scared – it’s not as difficult as it seems on first sight.

Its also possible to do all the theory already at home via the PADI e-learning website.


2.)      Confined Water training

Your instructor will practice basic behaviors and equipment handling related to safe diving practices in shallow water or our pool. This will be the foundation for diving in the ocean. You will also learn how to react to common occurring problems and how to become a safe and relaxed diver. 


3.)      Open Water Dives

You will do 4 Open Water Dives on beautiful dive sites around Amed with your instructor. You will use the techniques you have learned in your confined Water training to enjoy this dives and explore the underwater world with your instructor. We will show you the amazing marine life of Bali in this dives also. Normally we begin the dives with some exercises, but there will be also plenty of time for you to just dive around and enjoy. As we will keep our groups small you will be able to gain a lot of experience in real diving.

You have several options to complete the Open Water Diver course with us in the PADI System.
– You can do the full course as explained with us here in Amed, we will take good care of you and you will have an amazing time with us.
– You can do the whole theoretical knowledge development easy at home via PADI e-learning. We can grant you access to the PADI e-learning platform, you complete your theory in advance of your holiday and we focus here on the practical part of the course. This might safe you some evenings of theory practice here in your holiday.
– You can do theory and confined water training with your local dive center at home and we just finish the 4 Open Water Dives with you here in Bali in tropical warm water.
Your local PADI Instructor has to issue you the PADI Open Water Diver Student Referral form and fill in all the needed information about which part of the course you have already completed. Contact us and we will explain you in detail how it works.
Minimum age for participation in the Open Water Diver Course: 12 years



Advanced Open Water Diver

Already addicted? Continue your experience, gain more knowledge, become o better diver with the PADI Adventures in Diving Program and the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification.
To gain the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Level you will have to do 5 Adventure Dives with a PADI Instructor.
This can be done easily in 2 – 3 days here with us.

Its possible to do all the theory already at home via the PADI e-learning website.

You need to do a Deep Dive (18 – 30m) where we will teach you safety practices and procedures and slowly will guide you to experiences in deeper water.
Also you need to do a Navigation Dive which will give you more tools and knowledge to safely navigate and orientate yourself underwater.
And you can choose 3 more PADI Adventure dives upon your interests to complete the certification. There are a lot of different options, but we highly recommend you to do a Peak Performance Buoyancy dive with us. There is always a lot of improvement possible if you practice with an Instructor how to be more in control of your buoyancy. We will teach you techniques to reduce your air consumption and to be more confident in the water. This will increase your pleasure on all your dives afterwards a lot.
And then feel free to choose upon your interests – maybe you have an underwater camera but are not happy with your pictures – we will help you to improve.
Or how about a Night Dive – this is a magical and very special experience as the marine life changes very much in the night.
You are not so happy with diving in currents? There is no reason for this if you know how to handle them. We will teach you how to work with currents and how to enjoy them in your drift dive adventure dive.
minimum age for participation: 12 years



PADI Specialty Courses:

You want to learn a lot more about specific diving techniques? You want to gain more knowledge and improve your skills? Take a PADI Specialty Diver Certification Course. We offer a wide Range of PADI Specialty’s like:
–        PADI Nitrox Diver
–        PADI Deep Diver
–        PADI Wreck Diver
–        PADI Digital Underwater Photographer
–        PADI Drift Diver, etc. – just ask for more courses and information



Padi Resue Diver

Learn how to help others, learn how to help yourself. A chalenging experience and a fantastic way to put you to another level in your diving experience
After your rescue diver course you will see the things in a different way.
This courses will take 3 – 4 days and we focus on: problem prevention and recognition, usefull equipment, emergency procedures, stress management, on the surface and underwater rescue techniques. We will create realistic rescue situations and put you in charge of handling them, we will try to make it as realistic as possible to create a stresslevel that will chalenge you.

Its also possible to do all the theory already at home via the PADI e-learning website.
A fantastic course for student, instructors and the whole dive center as we will try to involve everybody in our scenarios.
To particpate in the rescue diver course you need to have a Advanced Open Water qualification and you need to take part in an emergency first resonse course. We can also do this course with you before we start the rescue diver course.



PADI Divemaster Course

Diving has changed your life and now you want to take the first step in becoming an profesional. The PADI Divemaster courses is your chance to step into the world of profesional divers.
There are several different options how we can do this training with you. The minimum will be a 3 – 4 weeks intensive programm, but we should discuss and clear the details of your suitable PADI Divemaster course in close contact to find the best solution.