Diving in Bali


East Bali is one of the best diving areas in the world. In the Lombok straight between east Bali and west Lombok streams the so called Indonesian through-flow – a massive ocean current that streams continuously from the pacific ocean into the Indian ocean. Bali east coast is directly touched by this enormous water movement and this is the reason that the reefs in east Bali are so rich in coral life and so spectacular in the variations of different species that can be found here.

Actually everything that lives in the pacific, from Japan, Palau,  Philippines to Sulawesi will be carried by this ocean stream and hit the east coast of Bali in Amed and Tulamben.




Amed is a long stretch of coast on bali’s most eastern tip.

Diving in Amed is spectacular and in our beliefs the best you can find in Bali. Coral life is brilliant and for good spotters, we have amazing macro specialitys as well. The current that streams between Bali and Lombok brings our reefs to life and the amount of fish that is present in all your dives is sometimes overwelming. Still a lot of places are unexplored and not dived regularly. Very unique is the different structure of the bottom in our bays. It changes from bay to bay between powder fine sand up to huge vulcanic boulders just 50m around the corner. This creates complete different reefs and coral life from bay to bay. Also we are very happy to have some amazing drift dive sites here where you can just fly with the current and submerge into thousands of fish.

Tulamben diving

Tulamben – just a 15 – 20 minutes drive from our dive center is the most popular dive region of Bali. Mainly every diver on the island wants to dive the wreck of the USAT Liberty which is one of the best dive sites you can find in the world. Next to the Liberty are some great sloping reefs that offer also spectacular diving.

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan are located between Bali and lombok and famous for excellent diving.

They offer mostly very clear water that is usually colder than on balis reefs and excellent coral life.

Very famous for Nusa Penidas Manta Point where you have a 99 % chance of diving with this amazing gentle giants and Crystal bay where the oceanic Sunfish Mola Mola can be found in the season from Juni till November. Also the other reefs around Penida and Lembongan offer great fishlife with the chance of spotting bigger pelagics.

We offer Fullday trips to the Manta Point and the reefs of Nusa Penida. We will take a speedboat from Padang bay and do usually two dives around Nusa Penida.

Manta Point is always included - but we just go there if we have minimum 6 divers to join the trip

West Bali - Pemuteran / Menjangan Island

In the Northwestern part of Bali we find an region of wonderful diving which is one of our favorites.

The pristine Pemuteran bay offers offshore reefs that are stunning in coral and macro life and a wonderful place to enjoy a great day of diving. Night diving is also famous as it’s the only place in Bali to find the unique mandarin fish.Also famous for Menjangan Island is part of a big National park and protected by the Indonesian government. The island offers stunning deep walls, caves and exquisite coral life and should not be missed on a Bali dive holiday.

Possible as an full day trip, but because of the remote location we widely recommend an overnight stay in a nice resort in Pemuteran to enjoy the full relaxed atmosphere of northwest Bali.